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Compatible with iPad 4 and higher, and iPhone 5s and up and 1 of the Episode One of the hugely anticipated epic new adventure is finally here! Years in development and featuring the talents of legends including Final Fantasy writer Kazushige Nojima and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, is the first instalment in an ambitious fullscale series. ’s rich game world, compelling storyline, gorgeous visuals and memorable soundtrack set a new benchmark for the best experience on mobile. “There’s how we see the world. nd then there’s the truth…” When Cael touches one of the forbidden Celestial Shards, he sets in motion a series of events that will change his life forever, and may threaten the existence of everyone on Orcanon… Set off on an epic journey to discover the hidden truths of Orcanon and the secrets of your own past. Experience a captivating story that you will live and relive and want to share with your friends. Discover vast new lands and fantastic creatures, meet terrifying foes and unforgettable allies. Breathtaking graphics and enthralling music will sweep you through a world created on an epic scale, from the Terran Lands to the Scorched Realm, from the Wetlands to the Wind Country, each inhabited by its own extraordinary race. Embark on exciting quests, exploring the world and discovering its secrets. Battle new enemies and discover hidden treasures while gaining new powers and abilities. Collect hundreds of weapons and valuables and craft them to make them your own. Conquer Orcanon alone, or take on its challenges with your friends! Scenario by Final Fantasy writer Kazushige Nojima Music from legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto rt Direction by CyDesignation, the Japanese production company led by Hideo Minaba This first instalment of the Zodiac Saga contains 10+ hours of storydriven gameplay, propelled by gorgeous rendered cutscenes Classic combat system meets slick, fastpaced gameplay , including the 4 first Job classes of the Zodiac Saga Visually striking handdrawn graphics Over 200 unique upgradeable weapons Bring your friends with you into battle Each substantial new episode of will draw you deeper into the unique story and characters, adventures and secrets of Orcanon, creating a living world that you will never want to leave. Watch out for the next episode early in 2016, with the next instalment of Kazushige Nojima’s epic scenario featuring more quests, enchanting environments and further job classes. Recommended hardware iPhone 5s or later, 5th generation iPad or later, iPod touch 6 Minimum hardware 4th generation iPhone and 3rd or 4th generation iPad but with a suboptimal experience Older devices are not supported

Website: http://zodiac.kobojo.com/


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