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Let instantly build your lineup and cue your subs in realtime. The perfect app for coaches from recreational to advanced leagues! Parents expect coaches to deliver a lot for their kids fair play time, exposure to different positions, andif at all possiblewins. guarantees the first two and sets you up for the last by turning your iOS device into the ultimate coach clipboard. Player attendance in recreational soccer can be hard to predict, so it's usually pointless to plan a lineup ahead of time. If the players onhand don't exactly match what you planned for, the entire lineup has to be redone from scratch. Before the game, you are rushing to piece together a fair, legal side instead of giving your players the lastminute guidance they need. solves the problem by letting you enter all the information on your team and players in advance. At game time, simply mark who is present, and instantly builds a smart lineup for you. Draganddrop players to make any adjustments; will guide you by indicating player strengths in positions and highlighting where players stand on play time. Add late arrivals with ease. You can set ’s lineup generator to spread play time as equally as possible, or, with the optional competitive mode, maximize the play time of your stars while ensuring everyone gets at least a certain amount of time on the field. Other options let you prioritize the assignment of keepers or expose players to as many positions as possible during a game. If you still prefer to plan a lineup ahead of time, an available upgrade lets you save one for each team and apply it at the next game. It will also give you a .jpeg image of your saved lineup to email or text to other coaches. The basic version of lets you mange one team and run a game directly from the lineup screen. An available upgrade unlocks multiple teams, and another enables a realtime image of the field that gives you (and your players!) an instant picture of who should be where. Start 's clock at kickoff, and it will prompt you to make substitutions when required. Manually swap players on the field or with the bench to cover injuries. The upgrade will also handle red cards by generating a new lineup based on a smaller formation. The app stores photos of each player to help you learn names. Set each player’s strength overall and in specific positions. The app tracks how much time players have spent on the field and in various positions, and will seek equality and variety over the course of a season. Team options include your jersey color, frequency of substitutions, and a versatile selection of formations. An upgrade deepens the list of preset formation choices and allows you to create any formation you choose to match to your team and tactics. Perfect for every game, from a quick scrimmage to a tournament match!



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