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Year 4 Primary Assessmate allows you to keep all of your assessments in one place and at your fingertips. Year 4 Primary Assessmate uses the Year 4 statutory assessments taken from the 2014 National Curriculum and breaks them down into year groups. With an easy to follow red, amber and green colour code, it allows you to instantly see the areas that your pupils need support in. Remove the need for piles of paperwork and highlighters, Primary Assessmate is a time saving, effective and visual way to keep your statutory assessments for your class. Now includes a blank assessment for to include your own curriculum or assessments Key features Statutory assessments linked to the 2014 Primary National Curriculum All of the statutory assessments for reading , writing and maths are covered in Primary Assessmate and will be able to be linked to local authorities frameworks and school assessments. With all the statutory areas covered, primary Assessmate allows teachers to see gaps in children's learning, aiding future planning and activities. Blank assessment outline The blank assessment form allows teachers and schools to include their own assessments from the scheme that the are using. By using the duplicate button, once you have filled in your blank assessment you won't need to do it again! Email and save children's assessments Primary Assessmate allows you to save or email your children's assessments for your own records. With the click of a button you can save the assessments to your camera roll to email numerous assessments at once, or email individual assessments from within the app. Colour coded for entering, expected or exceeding For a life without levels, the colour coding of the Primary Assessmate shows which children are entering, expected and exceeding in the statutory requirements for their year group. All this at the click of a button. Shows you instant gaps in a child's learning With the colour coding of the Primary Assessmate, areas that your students need to develop becomes clear. With the vivid red, orange and green your students progress has never been clearer to see.


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