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eXTreme Roller Coasters Volume 1 Too fast to be called a roller coaster!!!! Sometimes the term “roller coaster” just doesn’t cover it. These rolller coasters are so fast they call this metal monster a “hypercoaster,” and within seconds you’ll know why. Featuring Several roller coasters in (leftright side) format. Fix point of contact. Hike in through the stony ruins of an ancient civilization a time when great mythical beasts like the You may not find it so mythical as you’re getting dragged up that impossibly tall first hill, lifting you higher and higher. How about to deal with different rollercoasters, scome of them with a staggering 255 foot drop which you’ll take at 85 mph, making this one of the longest and fastest drops in the world? Speaking of gravity, brace yourself for the unbelievable second half of this journey into steel madness. It’s pure twister territory, twisting sideways, hugging the ground... It is pure roller coaster madness. Welcome to the Virtual Reality time! It is the next generation entertainment!!! Brought you by Wavelab Mobile Entertainment. Attention In order to experience Virtual reality, you may need an anaglyph glasses or a glasses to enable real experience. If you are feeling sick, nausea during the experience or suffer from epilepsy, please do not use this application. Stop immediately.

Website: http://www.facetsoftware.com


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