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Tune Iraq radios in your iPhone or iPod. This app works with radios that uses Internet to broadcast. It works even on iPod. Features Dynamic Updates of new Radio Stations Search by radio name; Favorites to choose more easily; Memorize the last radio station tuned. PRO Sound continues even on Sleep Mode... ) You can program the app to turn off after some defined time by you; Improved design. NOTICE This app needs WiFi or If you are using be careful about the data plan you have. Strings are in Portuguese. This software uses code of FFmpeg and LibMMs licensed under the v2.1 and their source can be download on our blog http//ideafactorypt.blogspot.com/ ATTENTI Some radios have limited transmission, ie only transmit a few days a week. Others just provide recordings of transmissions already incurred. Remember that this app can only play the emission via internet and not via frequency waves. If you know any radio stream from a radio of your country that is not in you app list, you should give us this information so we can add it to the list. 20110417 We did a full check on all radios stations of Iraq. You can see in realtime how are the reliability of the radio streams for Iraq on http//radios.ideafactory.pt/paises/?p82

Website: http://idea-factory-pt.blogspot.com/


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