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WorldCraft is an amazing open world building game. Here is the six amazing maps in this game Flat world This flat and infinite world make it easy for anyone to build new things Big Bird The lovely flappy bird is it show you how to build something lovely ), just build your own bird and share with your family and friends. Sky Imagination Building is not as easy as you think! pay your attention! you are flying in the air! Don't disable the fly mode, or you'll falling into the endless under world! So continue the job to build the fantasy things in your mind. it can be a space station, air castle or some big birds crash into the flying air plane! anything in your mine! Labyrinth Tire of building your dream? Welcome to our Labyrinth world! Don't try to dig the block!. your mission is escape to the outside world. someone told me there's a ladder somewhere, just find it and see what's there! Adventure Map The goal is to get 9 different swords and craft them into the Infinity Sword. You start at a hub 110 blocks up and can choose where to go next. The swords are sky, sea, stone, flame, energy, hill, forest, sand, and surface. Here's the rule 1. no digging regular blocks. 2. no flying. 3. obey signs. 4. stay within boundaries of area you are in. Have fun!


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