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You are able to find the present weather and the forecast at the airport in the world. Weather icons for the registered airport are displayed on the map. Also, you are able to see the map or the satellite photo of the airport. When you will go traveling to somewhere, it will be very convenient to find the weather at the departure or the destination airport. If you would be able to find the airport near the destination of your travel, you will be able to find the weather at the destination. If you would register the airport near the place where your family or your friend have been living, you will be able to find the weather at this place. When you will not be able to go traveling, let's register the airport that you want to go to. You will feel excited at seeing the weather or the map of this airport. Of course, It is the tool indispensable to an professional for aviation. The weather at the airport is reported each 1hour or 30minuets usually. This weather report is called as the and the forecast is called as the This software will fetch the or from the National Weather Service of (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). It is difficult to understand the or the without the knowledge as a professional, but this software parses the or the data and display using easy words. It is easy to select and register airports up to 20. (178 Countries+the Space Shuttle, 457 Airports available now, and will increase the number of airports) You are able to create new airports up to 20 as "My Airport". Version Up 1.1.0 Map Function added Registered airports or all airports are displayed on the map, and you are able to delete, add airports or display the detail of airport. (Also Weather icons are displayed on map.) Add 6 countries Ethiopia, Eritrea, Western Sahara, Lithuania, Georgia, Slovenia (total 178 countries) Add 13 airports (total 323 airports) 1.1.1 Add 6 airbases for the Space Shuttle. Add 5 airports for Japan. Add 5 airports for 1.2.1 My Airport Function added You are able to create new airports up to 20 as "My Airport". Map Function updated You are able to display the detail wx data of all airport displayed on the map. 1.2.2 Now available on iPad for full size. 1.3.0 Now available to display the airport forecast(). 1.4.1 Add 118 airports(total 457 airports) 1.5.1 Fix for iPhone5 & iOS6. Add 64 airports(total 521 airports) 1.5.2 Add 40 airports(total 561airports) Show the 3 letters code with the 4 letters code



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