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WoodMasterHD is an extremely handy tool for Woodworkers. Finally a Woodworking app for Woodworkers! Woodworking apps are few and far between and there are couple of good ones but very limited. Being Woodworkers ourselves, we wanted something for Woodworkers that was more than just a simple board ft. calculator… Welcome to WoodMasterHD! Both beginners and advanced Woodworkers will find WoodMasterHD packed with many timesaving features! Check the features list below and you will find a long list useful tools that only WoodMasterHD includes in a singe app! WoodMasterHD will continue to grow with more tools being added to each new version release. Features List Board Foot Calculator board foot calculator that includes a Tally count and Tally cost. Using the Tally feature, you could enter varying sizes of wood stock in groups. For example, enter all 2x4's, add it to the Tally, then 2x6's, add it to the Tally, etc. You can basically use the Tally feature to estimate the cost of an entire woodworking project. Fraction Calculator (Sliderule version) Very cool method of adding and subtracting fractions without entering any numbers. Fraction Calculator (Numeric) dd fractions including whole numbers. Fraction to Decimal & Millimeter Converter Length Conversions Most common conversions for Woodworking Proportional Calculator Turn big woodworking projects into little woodworking projects or little woodworking projects into big woodworking projects while maintaining exact proportions. Very handy for enlarging or reducing woodworking dimensions proportionally. Golden Ratio Calculates the Golden Ratio for any given size to find the most pleasing proportion for your Woodworking projects! Nominal to ctual Size Shows the exact measurements of wood based on it's nominal size. lso includes millimeter size. Screw Size Chart Handy reference chart that includes Gauge, HeadBore, Shank and Pilot hole sizes for hardwood and software. Nail Size Chart Handy reference chart for typical nail sizes. Joint Types Very handy visual reference for the most common types of joints used in woodworking. Wood Types Very hand visual reference for different types of wood. f you have a sample, send it to us and we'll add it to the list. Knockdown Workbench Our plans for building a quick knockdown Workbench from a single 4x8 sheet of plywood. Very simple and the first thing my grandfather taught me to build when was 14 years old! You can have WoodMasterHD send these plans to your Email address in format. Woodworking Project Planner file very handy blank Woodworking Project Planner Form. WoodMaster can Email you a Project Planner form that you can print out and use for your next project. The Project Planner form is set up with the most typical information for creating a woodworking project. f you have other planner form ideas, send them to us and we'll include them in a future version. You can have the WoodMaster app send this Project Planner to your Email address in format. (Please note that this is not an interactive form (like a database) but a simple form that you can print out and fill in for your projects. We do plan to build an interactive Project Planner that you can fill out right in the app and then send it to your Email address. Stay tuned!) We hope that you find WoodMasterHD as valuable and timesaving as we have!

Website: http://woodmasterhd.com


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