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Wisuki is a powerful wind, waves, weather and tide forecast app with advanced features that allows you to instantly find best spots based on your preferred conditions, and analyze forecast data with an unprecedented level of detail. Help http//wisuki.com/mobileapps/contact?reportineedhelp Wisuki helps you to plan even better your outdoor activities like surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, paragliding, biking and more. Post sessions, share private or public, like and comment. Posting sessions will link them with forecast at the exact session time. Better understand how forecasts work under any conditions. Search and follow other users. Nearby, favorites, and custom spots. Top conditions and top favorites spots (per country). Wind orientation (offshore, side off, side, side on, onshore). Wind direction (wind from right, wind from left). Tide trend and tide height (%). Time picker (1 hour interval). Filters (wind orientation, wind direction and distance). 1 hour and 3 hours data intervals. 24 hours wind and waves daylight highs. Wind Alert icon, direction, speed, gust. Waves Alert icon, direction, height, period. Weather Alert icon, temperature, clouds, precipitations. Forecast chart with 10 minutes resolution. Nighttime on/off switch. Water temperature. Spot time zone. Sunrise and sunset time. Animated wind and waves arrows overlaid on spot map. Dynamic arrow sizes and colors according to conditions. Standard, satellite and hybrid map modes. Zoom in and out. Time picker (1 hour interval). Daily highs wind and waves markers. Weekday picker. Direct access to all spot options. Spot tide reference buoy location. Spot webcams locations. Standard, satellite and hybrid map modes. Route to spot (Google Maps or Apple Maps). 30 days tide forecast and moon phases. Moonrise/moonset times, and sunrise/sunset times. High/low tide times, height and tidal coefficients. Daily detailed tide interactive chart. Time to next high/low tide. Wind, waves, weather statistics monthly statistics. Wind speed and wind gust average and reliability. Waves height and waves period average and reliability. Temperature and precipitations average and reliability. Wind a waves roses per alert levels and months. All webcams closer than 5km to spots (more than 2.000). Real time frame streaming with 1 minute reload time or less. Zoom in and out. Wind units knots, Beaufort, km/h, mph, m/s. Waves units m, ft. Temperature ºC, ºF. Distance km, mi. Email notifications with daily highs. Share on Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter. No registration required.

Website: http://wisuki.com


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