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WinBid Schedule is the allaround schedule and trip organizer for airline crews. It is the iPad equivalent to WinBid Schedule for Windows. Supports the following airlines (East Pilots and Flight Attendants, and West Flight Attendants) Contact developer to add your airline Download entire line and pairing packages for your aircraft and crew base in seconds Select a line as your own awarded line and pairings, where crew names, notes, departure/arrival gates and passenger loads can be permanently saved Browse lines and pairings Automatically add passenger loads and depart/arrival gates to your pairings Filter pairings that match your parameters Logbook feature to maintain a legal logbook with instant totals for recency (including 117 reporting) Seed logbook legs with your pairings (only make minor changes for actual time etc.) Import logbook from Little Red Book from WinBid (Windows) Import personal and split pairings from WinBid (Mac/Windows) Easy setup nothing else needed (standalone, WinBid desktop not required) Scheduled pairings shared with WinBid Mac, WinBid 8 for Windows, WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone, and WinBid Schedule (Mac and Windows) Logbook shared with WinBid Pairings 2, WinBid Logbook on Mac as well as WinBid Logbook iPhone, and Windows No charge for monthly downloads. No recurring fees. Print fully formatted color pairings Send pairings in email as fully formatted color attachments Personal color theme selection Personal calendar event color options Prepares trip and monthly activity reports Supports all crew pairings including Pilot, domestic, Supplemental, and European/Middle East pairings. Does not include direct access into However, WinBid Schedule for Windows includes full access, and crew/pax information is shared automatically with WinBid Schedule on iPad. WinBid Schedule can prepare a daily bid for pairings, but does not prepare a monthly bid for lines (see the WinBid Lines app for that).



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