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WRNG due to the changes in iOS 5.1, the background mode of WiFi Radar don't work anymore. If you are on iOS 5.1, or you think to upgrade in the near future, dont' buy this app until we find a solution MULLY USE Start WiFi Radar, choose background mode or not (as you prefer) Close WiFi Radar or lock the screen Put the phone in your pocket Begin walking WiFi Radar will begin searching for networks When an open wifi network is found, your iPhone will alert you with a notification To make it simple you are walking down the street with no data connection, but you need to check your mail or surf the web so you start WiFi Radar and put the iPhone in your pocket. VIBRTE MES THT C MIL, TERNET D PP DTBSE , D RE LREDY PP IMPORTT put on localization services, on wifi network and F in "sk to join networks" otherwise the app C Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Did you ever walk around the city and every five minutes check your iPhone / iPad (with ) to see if there is wifi available? Did you ever need a free connection in places that normally frequent, but not knowing how to find it? Now you can stop worrying about trying to search desperately networks iPhone / iPad can do this for you, thanks to WiFi Radar! You'll be warned if an active network is found while you are walking through a vibration (if the app is in the foreground) or by a notification (if the app is in the background using a device that support the multitasking). When the active network is available WiFi Radar remember your location and mark it on a map for help you remembering where to go to find a connection. IMPORTT required Enable location services and wifi on your device. Enable also "automatic join of wifi network" when you want to use WiFi Radar. Features Universal pp Work in background (only in devices that support this feature, in iphone or ipod touch


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