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Wickr Top Secret Messenger Rated 1 Messaging App by PCMag! Send unlimited photos, text, video, voice, PDFs attachments Share moments with your closest family and friends with Wickr Timed Feed Use photo filters and graffiti tools on photos Here’s What We Don’t Do We do not upload your contacts to our servers We do not know anything about you or what you do with Wickr We do not sell your personal information We do not store your address or We do not own the messages and media you send via Wickr We do not sell ads Escape The Internet with Wickr’s TopSecret Messenger Fun Add graffiti, mustaches, top hats, black helicopters, cat masks and explosions and filter you photos Own Retain ownership of messages and media you share Connect Find others without uploading your contact book Expiration Date Select a time for your messages and media to expire No Metadata Delete geolocation and identifying information from media on the fly Anonymous Forget the phone booth. Don’t worry about your conversations being tracked and monitored Groups Chat with groups of up to 10 Shredder Clean your device completely of deleted files Now Start in sixty seconds. No personal information required or collected Millions of TopSecret Messages served each day in almost every country in the world. The Wickr team is made up of security and privacy experts dedicated to building a strong social system around the world by providing private communications to everyone. Wickr is headquartered in San Francisco.

Website: https://wickr.com/how-wickr-works/


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