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Winner of the 2014 Innov8 for Health competition, Wholesome is a nutritionist in your pocket. Offering tracking of vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, and phytonutrients, Wholesome can identify gaps in your nutrition and suggest whole foods to help you improve your diet. Wholesome uses factors like your age, gender, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding, to give you highly personalized nutrition recommendations (per the and lets you track toward your goals. New! Get information on each food in the ‘tips’ section featuring content like pesticide risk and when to buy organic, how to select foods at the store, how to store them at home, how to prepare them for the most nutrition, their glycemic index rating, their risk, whether they are safe for pets, and much more! (Available with Wholesome Pro for over 200 foods and growing). Wholesome features Look up any whole food and adjust the quantity to see what nutrients it is ranked excellent or good for. Click on any nutrient, like iron, to view a ranked list of the foods containing the most iron. View a detailed page about each nutrient describing its health benefits and deficiency symptoms. Get personalized nutrition values by entering your age, gender, and other factors. Wholesome Pro features Track what you eat to see which nutrients you are falling short on (per recommendations). View your aggregated intake of over 80 nutrients. Find out what to eat when you’re low on a particular nutrient. Maintain your food diary add or remove foods to any day in the last week. View ‘Tips’ to learn about selecting and preparing whole foods for the most nutrition. Wholesome is designed and intended to help you maintain a natural wholefood diet in which a full spectrum of nutrients are consumed for optimal health. It is not intended as a caloriecounting weightloss app, though the Pro version does sum up calories. For this reason, the database is comprised of mostly whole foods and common pantry items and does not contain branded packagedgoods nor is there a barcode scanner feature. The food database is available to browse for free before purchasing the Pro version. We appreciate your patience as we continue to grow our database as each food is added manually to ensure the highest quality and detail. If you would like to request a food, or you have a feature suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website: http://wholesomeapp.com


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