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Special Edition for iPad! Organize your wedding with Wedding Budget and estimate all spends you will do! It is always stressful to plunge into the world of wedding preparations invitations, rings, flowers, food and more and more! For sure, you will need a lot things to do and you may forget to buy something, but remember about it in the very last day our app won't let it happen! Now, you can easily Organize Your Wedding The application gives you an idea of how your wedding budget should be allocated Needs for bride and groom; Needs for banquet; Needs for cortege; Needs for decorations; Invitations, flowers and other more! !!! GET Wedding Organizer + Wedding Planner + Prices Guide + Wedding Countdown!!! How Wedding Budget Works 1. Open the application, enter the date of wedding and your full names; 2. Look troughs categories, items and spends; 3. Enter the amount of budget your are planning to spend on your wedding; 4. Create the checklist with items that application contains or add yours; 5. Start to prepare for your Wedding Budget Features Plan your wedding in fit with the budget you have; Use items that application includes; Add your own categories and items you need for wedding; All of those categories have numbers of items with their approximate prices; Know approximate prices; Keep track of your wedding organization; Application reminds you how many days, hours, and seconds left before the wedding; You won't forget anything to be done; Plan the wedding of your dream and be sure that you will have enough money. Make this day unforgettable for both of you, estimate spends appropriately and you can save some money for the HY ;)


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