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View or Listen to your local weather with Weather™. Experience a Premium weather experience unlike any other with current and Forecast Weather as well as Animated Radar & Satellite Video, Weather Radio, Realtime Earthquake information including maps, Space Weather, Temperature on your Home Screen and more. Here are a few of the great features that Weather™ provides Displays current temperature and weather conditions as well as a four day forecast. Includes access to Animated Radar Maps of the Alaska and Hawaii. Contains 18 updating Satellite Maps of the United States and North America. 12 updating World Satellite Maps give you a complete view of the Weather on the entire planet. Includes views of the North and South Pole, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. REALTIME Provides realtime, worldwide earthquake list of earthquakes with or higher. Each event details the magnitude, depth, region and a map for each seismic event. Have an uptodate temperature on your home screen. View the latest images of the Sun with the latest 15 Imagery. Also includes the latest Relativistic Electron Forecast, Predicted Solar Wind Speed at Earth and more. Listen to the latest information from the Weather Radio Network. Be aware of Severe Weather before it strikes. All Audio is presented to you in High Quality from the Original Source. & Contains access to the following updating Map & Image Weather Data Visible, Infrared, Infrared Ch 2, Water Vapor, Skin Temp, Cloud Top, Sounder Lifted Index, Precip. Water, Sounder Conv. Inhib., Sounder 850500LR, Sounder Alaska Satellite, Hawaii Satellite, Guam Satellite, Puerto Rico Satellite, American Samoa Satellite, Atlantic Ocean Satellite, Area Images, Precipitation Forecast, Max/Min Temp, Wind Speed, Nationwide Hazards, Dew Point, Sky Cover, Predominant Weather, Wind Gust, Wave Height, Relative Humidity, Snow Amount, Temperature, Convective Outlook, TStorm Probability, Extreme TStorm Probability, Hail Probability, Tornado Probability, Extreme Tornado Probability, Vertical Total Electron Content, Uncertainty, Total Electron Content Recent Trend, Relativistic Electron Forecast, 15 and Predicted Solar Wind Speed at Earth. WIDE Reliable weather data is provided for most cities and countries worldwide. Traveling and need the weather? No problem. Support for virtually every location on earth by entering the name i.e. "Tokyo" or "Dallas" or if you live in the United States and the United Kingdom, your local zip code. If you own an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch one purchase allows you to use this software on all of your devices. Updates will be based upon user feedback submitted on our website. If you have problems, questions or ideas for future updates contact Support for complimentary assistance. RY The Weather Imagery and Data that you receive is obtained from Official Government sources as well as other reliable weather data sources. / Be sure to visit our website to view all of the great features that the software has to offer. If you experience any trouble with Installation or have any other issues click "Weather Support" link that appears at the top of the iTunes. http// http// http// Download Weather™ from the App Store Today and upgrade your device to the latest Standard in Weather Software.



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