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'Way of Life is the ultimate habit building app.' App Advice (http//appadvice.com/appguides/show/habitbuildingapps) Also recommended by Forbes, The New York Times, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Tech Cocktail, Business nsider, FastCompany, Entrepreneur and Lifehacker. Great app! This app may very well be the most useful app 've ever used! Best of the bunch excellent. Just what was looking for, easy to understand and use. Thank you. Awesome App Flexible, easy to use. Greatly assists in creating habits. nvest less than a minute daily to track, identify and change your habits with Way of Life's unique color system. As you collect more and more information you will be able to easily spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle Am exercising as much as thought? Eating less and less fast food? Getting the fruits and vegetables need? Sleeping well? Watching too many bad movies? ...or whatever is important to you. There are literally no restrictions on what Way of Life can monitor for you. And, if you're the kind of person who needs to be reminded of things, you are going to love Way of Life's powerful reminders. You can setup a reminder for weekdays, weekends or specific days of the week, add a custom message and choose whether or not the reminder should sound an alarm. Way of Life will do everything in its power to keep you on the right track. Just the push needed. The perfect little app to remind you of daily goals. Love it! Quick and easy Need say more? Top notch lifestyle app! Features Bar charts with trend lines Pie charts Tagging Sharing Archive completed goals Scoreboard for instant feedback Multiple daily reminders() Notetaking capability Updating takes less than a minute a day Backup/Restore via ropbox() nteractive walkthrough Unlimited items (free version is limited to three items) Export to ropbox, Email or another App as a or Excel file. Passcode lock with Touch support Connect with Way of Life facebook.com/wolapp @wayoflifeapp http//wayoflifeapp.com ()some features require that you buy the Premium version.

Website: http://www.wayoflifeapp.com


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