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Featured on iPhoneAppCafe.com Having difficulty feeding candy to that ridiculously hungry Om Nom in Cut the Rope? Mahalo's expert gamer tips and strategies will help you slice your way to delivering treats to that insatiably hungry green pet. In this app, you'll learn how to Breeze through all 8 worlds with our series of 205 videos Grab all 600 stars in the game with with our levelbylevel guide Discover each of the 12 hidden drawings to share with your friends In addition, you'll also Find out the 2 simple questions needed to solve any level Learn uses for all 10 items to float, swing and teleport your candy Master the easiest way to avoid all 3 major hazards Even in the toughest situations, Mahalo's here to help Use both hands to manipulate multiple items Know exactly which way to move so you don't waste time With our guide, you'll discover the fastest way to capture all three stars and successfully feed Om Nom in every level! This is an unofficial educational guide created by Mahalo.com, Inc. All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the property of their respective owners and are used under the fair use doctrine. Mahalo.com, Inc. and this application are in no way affiliated with Chillingo or ZeptoLab.

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