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Your solution for the restaurant and bar business for iPhone/iPod and iPad. nnovative, intelligent for iPad. Simple to set up and simple to use, WaiterOne is a powerful tool for your hospitality business. WaiterOne is a suite of different apps and services running on Apple’s premium hard and software. We have WaiterOne for iPad WaiterOne Remote for iPhone/iPod and WaiterOne Remote for iPad WaiterOne Dashboard for iPhone WaiterOne for iPad WaiterOne for iPad costs only €49,99 (or $49.99). WaiterOne acts as a standalone or server version. WaiterOne acts as a standalone or server version. There are no monthly costs nor subscriptions involved. nstall it on your iPad and start using it right away. Your solution starts with this iPad version, heart and brain of the system, regulating all traffic from and to your devices (printers, iPods/iPhones, remote iPads, , cloud). WaiterOne for iPad can, of course, be used for any normal command or data entry, but the real power and speed comes in when you start using your iPhone (or iPod) as an ordering device. WaiterOne Remote for iPhone and iPod touch is free of charge and will transform your iPhone or iPod touch into a waiter ordering system. WaiterOne Remote will be your waiters best friend. t's fast, stylish and hip. People will have a look at it and ask themselves “is this really an iPod?”. WaiterOne Remote for iPad is just another WaiterOne screen in your business. Put it strategically in your bar or restaurant and serve you client faster. WaiterOne Remote for iPad is sold at €29,99 (or $29.99). WaiterOne Dashboard for the iPhone is our first app that uses the ‘cloud’. With WaiterOne Dashboard you can consult your sales in real time from everywhere, whether your are next door shopping or on vacation on a tropical island. WaiterOne , our Kitchen Display System for iPad and iPhone, instruct your chef or bartender what he have to prepare for your clients. Paperless, now also in your kitchen and bar. Under development, but already working in our test environment, is WaiterOne for the BlackBox. The BlackBox is a fiscal data module to register all transactions and is or will be obliged in some countries. f you are interested to test it out or you want to know how it works let us know. it prints WaiterOne prints perfect on the ticket printers from Epson™, Citizen™, Star Micronics™ and many others ESC/ compatible brands. Being a receipt printer with your restaurant logo at the bar, or a wifi printer in the kitchen. Although, in the beginning, the iPad was not made to be used with any printer at all, we were probably the first to print to printers. Should you have or want another ticket printer, it probably will have a Epson™ emulator mode, chances are great that it will print. When you’re shift is finished, at the end of the day, you can print out your hard day's work results on your printer or on your AirPrint compatible printer or if you’re connected to the internet, send it all to your email address. You could also take your solution with you at home, as it is an iPad, no? Now you can even check your results from a distance as you can use our Dashboard app by using the ‘cloud’. Another benefit regarding normal hardware for your solution is that there are no moving parts in the iPad, no fans that will stop spinning and block your system in the middle of your service. You don’t have to invest in a server or an expensive database server neither. You don’t need high speed internet access, a backup plan or an expensive contract for using the ‘cloud’. There is no other system that comes close to the speed, graphics, intuitive use, learning curve and cost of our solution. Did mention that it works on state of the art hardware from Apple™. f you don't have an iPad, you don't have WaiterOne, an easy to use, stunning solution for your restaurant or bar business.


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