vSSH HD Lite

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Advanced customizable and Telnet client with extended keyboard, touch screen gestures, iCloud synchronization and fast terminal rendering. Key features Fastest terminal rendering in the AppStore and Telnet protocols Username/password and private Keys authentication Arrows and Scrolling using Touch screen Multisessions Background work (up to 3 minutes for i 7, up to 10 minutes for i 5/6, alert on timeout) iCloud/Dropbox connections, macros and keys sharing with other v apps (for iPhone, iPad and Key forwarding Port forwarding (support connection without shell N mode) i and iCloud keychain support (private keys and passwords) 1Password integration East Asian input support Search Highlight links and phones Macros with variables and key modifiers support Select and Copy/Paste text Extended customizable keyboard (including F124, PF14, Ins, Del, PgUp, PgDown, Home, End, arrow and modifier keys) Customize touch screen gestures Customize font size and colors Pseudographics support Wide unicode characters (e.g. Korean) are supported Keep alive settings Auto scroll settings Password/Touch app protection Additional features Export connection as file or Autoconnect on startup Autorun command after connect Switch between sessions using hot keys Remember previously entered passphrases Auto/fixed terminal size settings Split keyboard support Reset your private data at any time Logging (view, delete and print saved logs) Lite version limitations Max 2 bookmarks Max 2 active session Max 2 macros Max 1 port forwarding


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