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very comprehensive app on the Vietnam War just for the iPad. Brings action from the Vietnam War right on your screen. Vietnam War Interactive gives you a complete interactive experience with photos, videos, timelines, articles, etc. Read about the major battles and events of Vietnam War in detail. Swipe through the detailed interactive timeline from 18581976. Watch video clips from the battlefield. See rare photographs. Benefits Ideal for anyone above age 12 students, adults and history enthusiasts alike. Gives you a complete overview of the Vietnam War without overloading you with unnecessary information. Very easy to navigate, use, read and understand. complete experience with with pictures, videos and sounds. 21 video clips depicting action from the battlefield and elsewhere. Over 400+ photographs with an exclusive Photo Features section featuring air power, naval warfare, war protests and the battlefield. Topics covered The pp is divided into 6 periods Events leading to the war, the Diem era (19551963), the Johnson years, Escalation of war, Nixon years and merica's exit. ll the major battles and events are summarized in detail. The important leaders, small events/battles, etc. have been covered.



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