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Working with vector based drawings always has been its own story. Especially when speaking of location independently. With Vectornator we write the sequel. With the Adobe Creative integration, you have access to all of your creative content, making your workflow with Vectornator close to seamless and that's just the beginning. Now, you can not only import from and export to Creative Cloud, but you can immediately open your work in Illustrator on the desktop. The performance is awesome. We've completely rewritten how Inkpad used to work. Smaller footprint on the battery and completely 64x bit. In addition to that Files are using up to 50% less space You can export s to a size of Import Export to iCloud Drive 80% smaller footprint on allowing huge illustrations Create a seamless workflow with Codinator, our web Split Screen support And about the basic functionality Very high performance. Select, scale and rotate hundreds of objects with zero lag. Create arbitrary bezier paths with the Pen tool. Create text objects. Boolean operators on paths (Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Subtract Front) Powerful scale and rotate tools. Gradient fills with interactive editing on canvas. Arbitrary stroke dash patterns. Unlimited layers per drawing. Rename, rearrange, delete, hide and lock layers. Adjust layer transparency. Snap to grid, points, and path edges. Isolate the active layer for easy editing. Email drawings as and Import existing , files. Vectornator requires an iPhone 5, iPod 5 or an iPad 3 or later Split Screen requires an iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 or an iPad Pro or newer Exporting an image with a 8.4k resolution requires a 64x Bit device.


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