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for the iPhone, iPad iPod Touch! 1 Worldwide ports Video nalysis oftware full iPad app and a full iPhone & iPod Touch app "These kids are now bringing out iPads to the range and watching their swing and breaking it down on the . That's totally different. " Tiger Woods, Open tat 95 Million wings filmed and analyzed with Golf app! Includes 2014 Champion & 2011 Open Champion ory McIlory Golf makes the cut on Mashable.com as 1 of 8 Mobile pps for Golf eason! Compare your swing to the Tour Pro’s with; Free ccess to Over 50 swings from , and Champions Tour Players including Lee Westwood ory McIlroy Darren Clarke Corey Pavin Kenny Perry Lorena Ochoa Karrie Webb Mark O’Meara Freddy Couples Nick Price Vijay ingh .....among many others!! (in Up to 240 capture on capable devices ccelerate Trim & Edit Video Playback in lowmo, framebyframe plitcreen wing nalysis Flip/Mirror, Zoom, Overlay wings Landscape or Vertical Orientation Tour Pro wing Library (300fps) ynchronized playback with high speed model video Full uite of nalysis Tools Create free online “locker” to store swings ubmit/View nalyzed Clips from Instructor Email creenshot of analysis Email iPhone wing Video to a friend or Pro ccess to Drills/Tips from instructors View Golf YouTube Channel for more tips With our exclusive InYourFaceU iPhone tand (not included; purchasable inapp) bout Interactive Frontiers Interactive Frontiers is the maker of Pro, the 1 Video nalysis oftware in ports. Pro is the preferred technology partner of .com, of merica, Golf Digest and used by leading Tour players and golf instructors worldwide to capture, analyze and improve their golf swings. The Golf app is built from this leading technology gained from over 15 years of ongoing research and development in sports video analysis software. cross all sports, more coaches, instructors, training facilities and athletes worldwide use technology to improve their athletic performance than any other video analysis software. We are committed to continually improving the Golf pp, so we encourage any/all feedback you may want to offer. For more information about Interactive Frontiers and the Golf pp, please visit www.v1golfapp.com

Website: http://www.v1golfapp.com


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