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Also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, The Unwanted Guest is an adaptation of a traditional Jewish folk tale, where a poor old man, down on his luck and living in a tumbledown house, is visited by an unwelcome house guest. The story tells of the old man’s attempt to rid himself of his surprising visitor once and for all. The app, the second in Moving Tales’ “Classic World Tales” series, is a stateoftheart digital ‘mashup’ of methods from the worlds of ebook publishing, graphic novels, film and interactive media. “The Unwanted Guest” also features randomly selected alternate views, sound effects and extras, so that no two viewings are alike. It offers sophisticated and dynamic typography, poetic language, and Spanish and French options that allows viewers to listen to and see the story in Spanish, French and English, and even alternate between the three as the story is being experienced. The Unwanted Guest Features sophisticated animation on every page of the book original music, voice over and sound effects animate the text using the iPad’s accelerometer coverflowlike navigation page swipe or tap for page turning auto page turning option sound effects only sound option option to record your own voice to be played back with sound effects and music compelling narrative randomly selected alternate views and extras to ensure no two viewings alike randomly selected sound effects sophisticated and dynamic typographic layout evocative poetic language Spanish and French option choose to hear and display the story in Spanish & French as well as English

Website: http://www.moving-tales.com


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