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Ukulele Toolkit is a collection of inspiring tools for aspiring ukulele players 1.Prolevel Tuner, it keeps your ukulele always in tune. 2.Metronome, like a traditional metronome but extremely accurate. 3.Strum Patterns, helps you to lean how to strum. 4.Drum Loops, jam along with 116 loops. 5.Scales, with 108 different styles from Jazz to Japanese bravo your improvised solo. 6.Interactive chord diagrams, shows you one chord in different frets. 7.Circle of Fifths, sort chords by circle of fifths, searching chords never been such easy. 8.Transposition, want to transpose major to another key? Ukulele Toolkit makes everything easier. 9.Backward chord search, tells you the name of chord you spontaneously discovered. 10.Chord Progression, lean and play along with bestselected chord progressions. 11.Lefthanded supported. 12.Capo, helps you search and lean chords under capos. 13.Changeable tired to play songs under 440Hz? You can change it with Ukulele Toolkit. 14.3 Tuning Modes, Ukulele Toolkit supports Tenor, Soprano and Baritone tuning mode? With Ukulele Toolkit, your favorite ukulele tools are always in your pocket. >>> Extremely Accurate Tuner Ukulele Toolkit features a chromatic tuner which helps you get your ukulele in tune in mere seconds. Colored tuning bars guide you to a great tuning quickly and clearly. An extra meter makes you an expert who can go from great to perfect tuning. Audio samples of strings in tune allow you to tune by ear, great for developing your musical hearing. Most importantly, it is highly accurate (up to ±1/1000 of a semitone, i.e. ±0.1 cent precise). >>> Precision Metronome The metronome benefits from 's RealTime Playback technology. It is extremely precise (±20μs). Changing time signatures is only two taps away. Set it to the time signature you need. Up to 14 builtin metronome tones guide your rhythm and the 12 builtin strumming patterns will teach you how to play along easily. With 116 drum loops, you can also jam along with your iPhone. >>> Scales Scales are important for a ukulele player, it is the spirits of different music styles and will lead you towards a roadmap of improvised solo and melody composition. We provide 108 different scales, including Blues, Jazz, Japanese, Arabian etc. To complete mastery of the ukulele, this is absolutely a must have! >>> Interactive Ukulele Tabs The chord tabs contain thousands of chords, more chords than you will probably ever need, including Major, Minor, 6, 7, Minor7, Major7, Major9, sus4, etc. Not only can you see the tabs, you can also hear what they sound like. For beginners who learn chords, you can get some feelings, but for advanced ukeist, it offers you inspirations. You can look up a chord quickly by notes if you know its name (Dm, for example). You can also find chords based on circle of fifths. >>> Chords Backward Search What if you discover an interesting chord when you are playing spontaneously? Simply tap the frets, the App will tell you which chord it is. It's a fantastic feature for digging new chords. >>> Chord Progression Chord progressions help you combine chords to real songs. Did you know that many popular songs share same combination of chords? Once you discover the secret of chord progressions, you will be able to play thousands of songs and become a ukulele master. >>> Other Features It supports to change frequency and provides 3 different ukulele tuning modes. All chord diagrams can be changed to lefthanded. And you can use capo to change key too.



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