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UkeChords Real Fingering Positions For Ukulele Chords Aloha and welcome to the UkeChrords app! UkeChords is a virtual chord finder that's super simple and fantastically easy to use. Any time you get stuck trying to figure out the fingering position for a chord, just open UkeChords and tap the chord list. There you'll find the most common Ukulele chords, complete with pictures of real hand fingering positions and charts in both tab and standard notation. You can also listen to the sound of each chord just by tapping it. Hear both arpeggio and strum versions. Plus, unlike other chord finder tools with just third person perspective, in UkeChords you can switch to first person perspective very helpful for positioning your hand correctly. UkeChords is your best companion for learning the Ukulele! Feature Lists Real hand fingering position illustrations Includes 1st person perspective fingering demonstration Tap to play the chord Chord charts w/ tab and notation 22 of the most useful chords See fingers represented by different colors About EUMLab EUMLab helps you unleash your musical talent! With magic technology, EUMLab creates products that get you learning and playing music fast. Find out more about us Follow us on Twitter/Facebook @EUMLab Questions? Write us Watch our videos Thanks, everyone. We will keep making the best music apps for you.



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