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Enjoy reading books in iBooks, Stanza or GoodReader? Got bored not being able to read text in them? Now it's not a matter anymore, Txt2Book can convert any text to book for you! You can either input new text or open/edit existing text files (such as notes you created before) and read them in these popular readers. With Txt2Book you can Create epub book from any text, either new text or existing text files Quick read any text file or edit it before reading Freely define chapters to organize book, add image as book cover. Support both lefttoright and righttoleft text. Edit chapter content, change its format, and preview it Manage books and sharing them with your friends Contextual help is always available, all you need to do is tap title of navigation bar Open text file from other Apps like Dropbox, Mail client, etc. Send/receive files to/from your Dropbox or your computer. Manage your books either on your device or from browser of your PC/notebook. The book created by Txt2Book is in epub format, so you must install a epub book reader, iBooks is highly recommended. If you have any question or find any issue, please feel free to contact me stickto@gmail.com

Website: http://joyfulphone.blogspot.com


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