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true scale app that responds to object's weight. Comprehensive guidance is provided to facilitate your use. If have any doubt, please refer to this demo video http// Features Comprehensive instructions are provided to facilitate your use. utozero function to minimize the enviroment's disruption, e.g., different surfaces that iPhone is placed on. Results can be readily saved and reviewed with object's name and date. if you have any doubt on this application, please search youtube for the video name "Demo of True Scale an iPhone application" to see the demo. The version of the demo app is 3.0, which will be available for download in one or two weeks. note the use of any kind of case may induce unpredictable effects to the results. If no response when touch the buttons (e.g., "stop"), please check if you put any conductors on the iPhone's surface, e.g., a coin. Such objects will interfere with the iPhone's touch screen and may misresponse to your touch action.


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