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Taking bokeh photos has never been easier! True Bokeh makes it quick and easy to take amazing bokeh photos. No more fighting with autofocus to get that blurryonpurpose shot or tinkering with filters. Remember bokehs appear best in darker scenes with bright light sources, check out the builtin tutorial for lots of ideas! True Bokeh Features preconfigured camera ready to take bokeh photos. tutorial with lots of examples of ideal scenes, all photos taken with True Bokeh pp! Photo and video support. Note The app sets the camera focus very close, so you can take extreme closeup shots, or capture 'out of focus' light circles (bokehs) it doesn't simply blur everything. Check out TrueBokehpp tagged photos on Instagram for many examples. bokeh the visual quality of the outoffocus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens We're excited to see your photos, so remember to tag them on Instagram and Twitter with TrueBokehpp to share with the community. ) The True Bokeh pp Team @truebokehapp on Instagram



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