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Travel Logs is an extremely easy and effective way to track your trips for all of your vehicles. With a streamlined informationentry user interface and, the added option of using to autofill in location information you don't need the paper version any more! Logging information for a trip has never been so easy thanks to the autofill feature that will automatically fill in your location, with a press of a button, and calculates the distance traveled using the of your device. This makes tracking your trips all the more simple, less timeconsuming and less stressful! Compliant Universal application buy once, use on all your iOS devices. iCloud Compatible (Sync and store your data on iCloud). Sync your data with iCloud. Multiple Vehicles. Contacts integration. Log trip details (odometer, date, purpose, type, location, vehicle). Exporting of log reports in and format via Email / iTunes file sharing / iCloud Drive / Air Print. Use of to autofill in location information and calculate distance traveled for each trip. Import calendar entries to use as trip purpose. iOS 8 widget support. Route recording and exporting file). Vehicle expense tracking. (Requires InApp Purchase) Streamlined User Interface The user interface is designed with the user in mind, as we are also users of this app! Information entry is made easy as possible and the layout has only the most important features so it is not cluttered with useless elements. It is made to be easy to use! iCloud Compatible You can move your data to be stored on iCloud and be synced with your other devices running Travel Logs on the iPad and iPhone. Location Autofill and Tracking Travel Logs has the option to allow you to use the feature in your device to determine your current and/or end location. This will give you the option to autofill in the location details for your logs and also estimate the distance traveled so you won't have to fill in the end odometer values! There is also an option to use realtime tracking, which track your distance traveled accurately instead of just estimating. Note Continued use of running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Route Recording When using realtime tracking, you can record the route you took for that trip. When viewing past trips, the route will be plotted on the map so you can see where you went, down to each individual street you took. Routes can be exported as a file. Contacts & Calendar Integration Select your origin/destination addresses from your contacts from right within the application. Import calendar entries to use as your trip purpose. Log Exporting You can send your log reports directly to your accountant or employer using the built in export to email feature. Reports can also be exported to iTunes file sharing and iCloud Drive for fast and easy report transfer. Log Reports The log reports are in Comma Separated Value () format, so you can import and open in any of your favourite spreadsheet applications. (Excel, Numbers, etc) This app complies with the Australian Tax Office () logbook format. It will calculate the percentage of business use for each vehicle and total business distance in the exported log reports. The log reports include total distance traveled, the starting and ending odometer values, date/time, purpose of trip, trip type, location from start to finish, driver name, vehicle and registration number. Widget Support Easily start & stop trips from the notification screen. Trip status such as distance and duration can also be monitored on the widget. Vehicle Expense Tracking (AddOn via inapp purchase) Track the expenses and credits for each of your vehicles. Please write to us instead of submitting bugs or questions in an App Store review. We can't respond to reviews. Visit us at Contact us at



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