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Leaving your country means leaving behind support systems, emergency service capabilities and medical facilities. Wherever in the world you plan to travel, local laws and penalties, regardless of how harsh they may seem, apply to you. Every year, hundreds and thousands of tourists are arrested overseas because of these strict laws. The situation is traumatic, distressing and frightening not only for you but also for your family and friends back home. If you find yourself sick and in need of medical care, Travel Aware® provides you access to emergency contact numbers for your destination. If you find yourself a victim of a serious crime, Travel Aware will help you find the nearest police station. Travel Aware communicates to you, in your language, and can direct you to the nearest emergency centre available. Nearest Embassy Passports, visas and travel insurance can get you just about anywhere. Passports and visas also manage to get themselves lost or stolen. Travel Aware helps by locating your closest national embassy or consulate. Note It is important to register your travel and contact details with your country’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before you travel. Translation Travel Aware speaks many languages. The application was designed to talk to you personally, in your own language, and to talk the language of the nation you’re visiting. In case you’re in a nonEnglish speaking country, you’re still able to find the closest emergency centre by letting Travel Aware do the talking for you.



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