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Your journey as a Train Driver begins today in this realistic train simulator! From the makers of the worldleading Trainz series, take charge of a wide range of powerful locos, hauling thousands of tonnes of freight, shunting in the yard or shuttling passengers along suburban lines. Explore amazingly detailed and interactive routes from around the world from a variety of camera angles. Fun for ages 5 to 95! Journey 2 Iberia Interior This Spanish route captures the flavor of the Spanish landscape around Madrid offering highspeed passenger trains and a wide range of passenger/freight activities utilizing different rolling stock. Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey include AvE Express Freightliner Part 1 Freightliner Part 2 Passenger Service Free Drive Collect the full series of Train Driver "Journeys" and travel the world in charge of heavy freight, modern high speed passenger or old time steam locos. Each "Journey" is a standalone app or you can purchase many of the same Routes and Sessions via inapp purchase from our "Trainz Driver 2" and "Trainz Simulator 2" apps which also provide the amazing World Builder module to create your own tracks. Other Trainz Driver Journeys include Train Driver Journeys (Free) Train Driver Journey 3 Waldabavale to Karrah Bay Train Driver Journey 4 Introduction to Steam Train Driver Journey 5 Tidewater Point Rail Train Driver Journey 6 Highland Valley Industries Train Driver Journey 7 Rosworth Vale Train Driver Journey 8 Toronto Rail Lands. More Journeys are planned for the future so please let us know in your AppStore review what your favorite trains or routes are so that we can bring them to you as soon as possible. Note Some content listed has been included in previous versions of the Trainz series, although new locos and sessions are being added all the time.



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