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Developed by a former police officer, detective and crime prevention officer TrackerAssist is a multi functional safety app that acts as an emergency alert device, personal location tracker and incident reporting tool all in the one easy to use app. Once activated TrackerAssist immediately informs your loved ones or friends that you require urgent assistance by sending an emergency alert together with a map of your current location via either email, message or both. You can also call emergency services (police, fire, ambulance) quickly at the press of a button from the home screen itself without having to search or scroll through your contacts. This app should be used in conjunction with calling emergency services in an emergency, not as a substitute for calling emergency services which is why we have incorporated the "Call Emergency Services" button beneath the "Activate Alert Now"button. TrackerAssist utilises a unique “My Location” button that allows you to notify family and friends of your location at the press of a button. By using tracking technology children and teenagers can notify parents of their location or when they have arrived at their destination safely. This tracking app can also be used as an electronic medic alert for the young, aged, sick or infirm. Pressing the Alert button allows an instant emergency message to be dispatched to a loved one with current location details and map should you require medical assistance. TrackerAssist does not charge any ongoing fees, subscriptions, registration or monitoring fees at all, just $2.99 for the app itself. You can use TrackerAssist to Send an emergency alert when you need help Call authorities at the press of one button Pinpoint your current location Send your location to a friend Make a report of a crime or take notes Act as a medic alert Help authorities or family to locate you if lost Identify your location if stranded due to a car breakdown Provide location details to authorities in an accident Notify friends/family that you have arrived safely Send a map of where you need to be picked up from Take pictures Notify friends of your location when meeting them Share your location using Email, Facebook, Twitter or


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