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Tracing is a fun way for preschoolers to learn their s and digits. This is the version which doesn't contain the full content. You're invited to try it out and see for yourself the game experience. We're happy to announce that Tracing now supports Spanish! Get your little one on track to perfect penmanship with the Tracing app for your iOS device. deal for children four years and older, the Tracing app has a simple and engaging interface designed to help children print letters, numbers, and various shapes with ease and confidence. t's as Easy as... Choose among five practice options capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, shapes or practicing full words! For the beginners with clumsy little fingers, the Guided Tracing Mode is a good place to start and Free Style Mode offers more of a challenge. Just Learning The "Easy" tracing mode displays a large, transparent letter on a chalkboard. bright, green star indicates where your child should begin, followed by a path of fading yellow stars. To properly print the letter, your child will follow the yellow star path, beginning with the brightest, green star. f it's necessary to lift the chalk for a new line, a new bright green star will appear indicating such. "Easy" makes it impossible to go outside of the lines. t's best for simply familiarizing your child with the letters, and providing positive feedback and encouragement. Think Got t The "Hard" tracing mode offers a more organic writing experience when your child is ready for more of a challenge. While the star path is still there, the chalk line follows the exact path of your child's finger. f your little one gets sloppy, the line will turn red. Each effort is awarded one, two, or three stars. Children may also be encouraged to simply try again. is for lligator fter successfully tracing a letter, the overhead screen is pulled down displaying a word and photo of something beginning with that letter. Likewise, children will see a photo which represents the numbers and shapes as well. Configure t! Want to teach your child writing letters with a different formation? No problem! you can change the default strokes order and direction from the tools menu in game. Once you save the new formation it will automatically replace the default one.



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