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Celebrating 5 years in the app store! Welcome to the most complete, flexible, and costeffective way to control everything in your home...and beyond!!! What customers are saying "TouchControl offers ultimate flexibility and control and a price point others in this class can't touch." have tried several remote apps out there and this is by far the most customizable app have ever used. No other app know of allows this level of customization." "Quite simply, this is the best remote control software out there. The power of this application is really incredible." With TouchControl, you can turn any iOS device into a universal network, infrared, and remote control! TouchControl will let you create CUSTOMZED remote control screens for your , and other infrared or networkcontrolled devices (additional hardware required for R control). The free Windows software enables running programs, executing commands, and controlling the mouse and keyboard on your Windows computer directly from your iOS device, giving you almost unlimited control. The server also natively supports the USBURT for based R control. TouchControl gives you more than any other iOS remote automation app Direct devicetodevice control of iTach and GC100 network adapters (, Philips Hue lights, iRTrans adapters (, network attached equipment, Keene R nywhere, nsteon SmartLinc, and more (just about anything that's network attached)! ntegrated R code database for Global Caché adapters. Over 138,000 searchable R code sets freely available in an easytouse interface to quickly and easily configure your Global Caché buttons! Drect control of automation software such as utoHotKey, EventGhost, Girder, RCommand2, and more! Full 2way control and automation with device feedback, custom scripting (Javascript), iCloud state, and more all included in the base app purchase! Build activities that can automatically discover and control any devices on your network that support Simple Service Discovery Protocol Mouse & keyboard control of your Windows , plus control of HT software such as Wndows Media Center, JRiver, Winmp, Pandora, and more! Monitor your Windows desktop from your iOS device using the exclusive TouchControl Screen Grabber! Fully customizable user interface on your iOS device! The limits of TouchControl lie only in your imagination! The remote control screens are designed from the ground up by using graphics and design layouts that provide. Once you start creating remote control screens, you'll find that just about any design you can imagine is possible! REQUREMENTS Windows is required to design and configure the remote control activities (screens, devices, buttons, etc.) used in TouchControl via the TouchControl Server software. However, the server need to be running 24x7 on your network to use TouchControl on your iOS device (only required for those features that require a , such as running commands & programs, mouse/keyboard control, screen grabber, utoHotKey, etc.). Please visit http// to learn more about the devices that can be controlled with TouchControl, and to make sure you meet the requirements. You are encouraged to visit the web site before purchasing to download and try the Windows software and verify it works on your system. MPORTNT ll feedback is very welcome in iTunes/pp Store; however, support for this app will be provided via the TouchControl website only, as there is no mechanism available to address problems reported via iTunes or the app store. f you have any problems with TouchControl, PLESE contact support via the web site.



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