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Finally the perfect app to help you manage of your files in one easy, private and organized way! Some of the key features Create folders and files from scratch Edit existing files and folders. You can even set up the app to capitalize automatically every new word, sentence or letter; what a time an hassle saver! Add photos from library or new ones from the camera Dropbox compatible Finally an app that let's you use and edit files in your Dropbox account or add new ones! Organize folders and files by different criteria Name Date Size Manage folders and file with just one tap! You can Open Copy Move Delete Rename And even Zip the file or folder! Share your documents with ease; just enter the email and it will be sent! Browser included; no need to exit the app to access the Internet and download files or information! Security first no one can access your files without a password! We are sure that regardless of your profession or use you give to this app; you will not have to look anywhere else for a better file manager!


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