Tommy Piglet and the Golden Egg

About Tommy Piglet and the Golden Egg

An interactive children’s book for ages 2 to 6 about Elephant and Sheep trying to play a joke on Tommy Piglet. The beautiful drawings and story by Gitte Spee spring to life on the iPad. “It’s a beautiful evening and Sheep and Elephant are taking a walk on the beach. Thump! Sheep suddenly falls over on to the ground. She’s tripped over an egg, that is half hidden in the warm sand. But it is not an ordinary egg… The egg is enormous. Bigger than twenty normal size eggs put together! It’s a giant egg.” The story is read by Linda Lee and is enriched with animations, background sounds and the song "We are the best of buddies, " written specifically for the digital version of this booklet. But of course you can read it (out) yourself. Each page contains a unique activity, like Splash paint with Sheep and Elephant Draw with shells on the beach Scour the page with a magnifying glass Cry with the sad Bird Jump with the fish in the sea And much more…


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