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Have you ever thought that if you only invest 100 dollars a year, with 30% of interest rate per year, you will get over 1 million dollars after 30 years, over 1 billion in 56 years! In the same case, if you just invest 100,000 dollars, you will be a billionaire 30 years later! By using this app, the result is clear for you to see. It is an investment/savings plan calculator, and with 1 figure changed, all related figures change correspondingly. Longterm investments with steady interest rates(not very low) are fairly rewarding as you can see clearly with this app, and there is also a brief report for each year of your investment to make it even clearer for you to see. This app is used for plans of savings and investing. And preview3 is a table of the real figure which is my friend’s investment for the last 10 years. “One year” in this app could be one period of your investing or saving as long or short as it could be. Good luck with your money! No ads. No inapp purchases.


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