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Flexibility is the key ingredient to sustainable physique improvement. Without a flexible muscle base, strength has no foundation on which to grow and flourish. This daily exercise routine will provide you the flexibility for muscle strength and stamina development. Key features of this stretching workout video include 18 min high quality fitness training video class stream or download option for video playing home trainer instructions throughout the stretch session relaxing music photographic recap of the stretching exercise positions suitable for all fitness levels Curious? Take a peek http// FEATURES Play Video tkMove daily stretching workout video is high quality . Your guide is a professional Pilates and Yoga instructor, explaining exercises, highlighting critical aspects and common mistakes, helping you, motivating you. Exercise to individually created soundtracks, bringing mood and rhythm. Minimum requirement for smooth playing 1MB/sec; alternately use the download option, and take your daily stretching app with you even in low internet environments. Due to the high quality of the videos it takes 36 seconds for the daily stretching video to start streaming. Play Bonus Video We provide a one minute free view of a related tkMove exercise routine we think might be of interest to you Download We offer you the option of streaming or download of your stretching workout. You can stream by pressing the ‘Play video tab’. This is an option in a good internet environment (>1MB/sec) and takes up no memory from your device. Alternately, you can download your stretching video to your device where it will always be available for your use, even with no internet. Due to the high quality and length of the daily stretching video you can expect downloading to take 2040 minutes, and will use of memory. We would recommend streaming when possible. Review Poses We provide a succinct and clear listing of key body fitness positions (eg hip stretch, spinal rotations, squat twists etc) to allow a recap, which we hope assists you. Lifestyle Guide ncludes stretching class descriptions, class suggestions, exercise times, how muscle groups work and tips. n our ‘Healthy recipes’ section you will find a selection of our favourite healthy meal alternatives. This recipe book of yours is updated regularly. Our stretching ‘Workout planner’ provides you an efficient reminder for your planned exercise timetable to help keep you focused on your flexibility training. Our ‘Fashion line’ tab We offer a $10 egift card for use in our high quality fashion active apparel store at Feel stylish when you exercise, and enjoy your shopping. Social media sharing available. About Timea Your instructor for the stretching session is London based Timea. Timea became familiar with a wide range of teaching techniques through Body Control Pilates, Pilates Foundation, Australian Pilates Method Association, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®, the Traditional Pilates Method and Ashtanga yoga. She has a Teaching Certificate with Body & Mind; and Ashtanga. Reviews by CatEyesAlley 'm going to get all of her Apps. She is inspiring! She truly is the most knowledgeable Pilates and yoga teacher 've come across. The pace is perfect. Her accent is a little hard to understand but it makes me focus and listen. love her! by Liana Miss tried it last night, because was stressed and tense. t actually calmed me down nicely, and worked my body gently. slept very well.



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