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historical atlases have been highlighted as Educational app for Middle School in the and Canada 'New and noteworthy' and 'What’s hot' in the Education category in 14 countries Discover, with TimeMaps Middle ges a new way of looking at history. Follow step by step, the history of the Middle ges, a fascinating time in history full of chiaroscuro contrasts. It is a period that spans from the dismal centuries of the Dark ges to the rebirth of cities, economy and art in the Late Middle ges. thousand years of history in which modern national kingdoms were forged, universities were founded and the bourgeoisie developed and grew, but there was also a veil of darkness that prevailed, with the creation of the inquisition and the majority of the population which lived as servants under the power of the church and feudal lords. n historical digital atlas which help you enjoy history as never before Detailed historical maps with kingdoms, villages, and cities of that period in time Informative articles about the main events and key figures of the Middle ges Spectacular photographs and illustrations with accompanying information With TimeMaps Middle ges you can navigate through the main phases of this amazing period in history The barbarian kingdoms The rise of Islam and the Europe of Charlemagne The arrival of the new millennium The birth and consolidation of the national kingdoms The crisis of the late middle ges TimeMaps Middle ges, a new way of looking at history. Discover it.


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