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'Time Office' is the most simple to use timetracking application. If you are a freelancer, an independent contractor or anybody who needs to log their working time for various projects on the go, 'Time Office' is the tool you need. The application is fully offline and does not require an internet connection. It keeps all your data on the phone itself. 'Time Office' can be used to Organize your work as Projects and multiple Tasks within each Project. Save Client and billing information for each Project. Assign hourly billing rate to a Project. (App supports multiple currencies and overtime rate too.) Add Timelog entries whenever you want now as you are working, later when you find time or in advance. Keep track of the time you have spent on each Task and Project; know when there is a time overrun. Generate Reports in mail or print the reports. Create Invoices, also in Archive Projects that you no longer need, unarchive them when you need them back. And we absolutely love to add more features if you need them. Do contact us with your feedback.


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