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The classic story about the Ugly Duckling, beautifully rendered and professionally narrated, for the iPad and iPhone. Let the Ugly Duckling teach your children about the joys and pains faced while growing up, and watch them become engrossed by the colorful illustrations and soothing story telling narration. The Ugly Duckling is a wonderful learning tool for young children. It can read aloud and automatically through the book for younger children. Older children can choose to read it themselves, and tap on any unrecognized words to hear the word’s pronunciation. Your child can now read through the entire story confidently on their own without getting stuck on tricky words. Touching different parts of the story book will playback fun sound effects sure to delight children. The Ugly Duckling is fully featured both in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. It’s the perfect tool to immerse young children in a foreign language in an interactive and fun way. The Ugly Duckling is a Universal binary. This means that one app will work equally well on both your iPhone and iPad without having to download or purchase separate copies for a user interface and experience suitable for your device. Features Beautifully illustrated graphics that your children will love The same story in English and Mandarin Chinese Professional, kidfriendly, native voice narration in both English and Mandarin Chinese Set to automatically flip pages or manually flip pages in “Read To Me” mode Read aloud any words by pressing on the word Touch different parts of each page for fun sound effects Soothing background music Jump quickly to different parts of the story using our cover flow like technology Resume and pause story narration Easy to use navigation interface by swiping left or right to turn pages, tapping on a word to read it, or using any of the navigation buttons on the top of each story page One app that works equally well and looks great without grainy graphic zoom in for both the iPhone and iPad



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