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The INewlywed Quiz Mike & Laurie Lombardo fun, interactive quiz that any couple can take that will show just how well you know your partner. There are 12 different quizzes included with this app. Each quiz consists of 20 questions, ll multiple choice. Either partner can go first. When he or she completes a quiz, They will then have their partner take the same quiz. The partner must answer the questions the way he or she thinks their partner answered them. The questions range from questions about your mother in law to what are your favorite foods. SMPLE QUESTIONS What best describes his behavior lately in the romantic department 1.Unconcerned 2.Unconventional 3.Uncoordinated 4.Unconscious If you had to name a reality show that sums up your relationship, which would you choose 1. Survivor 2. Fear Factor 3. The Osbournes 4. Punk’d Whether you have been married for 50 years or have just finished your 1st date, The INewlywed quiz is great Fun and who knows, if your not careful, you just might learn a few things about your other half. Thank you for looking at INewlywed Quiz. We hope you enjoy it dditional features and quizzes will be added, so we welcome your suggestions as to future enhancements. Please Contact us at



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