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Congratulations on the coming baby! We know the feeling, the excitement, the expectations, we have been there ourselves. We also came up with the great idea of using our iPhone to track the contractions. Nothing wrong with pen and paper but when it comes to calculating it is hard to beat a machine. We found several apps with the ability to time contractions but not the app that we wanted. There were three things that made us start thinking First, the user interface. In a tense situation you should not have to think about how things work and how to navigate. Second, we wanted to show the contractions visually. diagram works better than numbers. Third, we wanted to avoid unnecessary features. contraction app should focus on what is most important, giving you an uncluttered view of your contractions. Consequently, we have tried to pinpoint the most important features Track your contractions. Contractions are saved with information about duration, frequency and start time. Realtime graph that illustrates and clarifies your contractions during 10, 30 and 60 minutes. History of your contractions. Email your contraction history. Great to be able to save the information outside the app. While there is a number of different advices about when time is right to go to the hospital we have deliberately not built in support for any specific advice. Regardless of which advice you have received you are able to track important information about your contractions with 'The Contraction pp'. We would love to get feedback on the app to be able to make it even better. Please leave a review or visit our support site. We hope you will enjoy 'The Contraction pp' and find it useful. Good Luck! Disclaimer The purpose of this app is to present an easy and fun way to measure contractions. We have tried our best to make the app as correct and easy to use as possible, however Knappra B accepts no liability for any damages or losses caused by information in this app.



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