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Check your acidbase balance, support your health, and lose weight! This app gives you the opportunity to monitor your diet and shows whether you push the acidbase balance in the acidic or in the basic range. So you finally have a perfect guide in your hand, how you can adjust your diet for a balanced acidalkaline metabolism. too acidic diet seems to be connected to several diseases such as osteoporosis, overweight and obesity, low immunity, fatigue, etc. Many books have been written about this subject. But how do implement this new knowledge? How do know if eat too acidic? This app will open your eyes and show you how you can make your diet balanced for an healthy future. Currently, over 500 food items are included in the database. This is absolutely sufficient for a meaningful analysis, and in case of a missing food just take a similar one, which usually has a similar acidbase ratio, too. For future versions, of course, a bigger database is planned. Supported languages ​​are English and German. mportant Unfortunately, not all features support voiceover, yet. We are working on that!



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