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Make this Thanksgiving the best ever with our Menu Maker. Tap your way to a customized holiday menu from more than 75 of our alltime favorite Thanksgiving recipes, plus get a customized shopping list and schedule. ts recipes sound delicious, and it offers a handy schedule and shopping list. It's also free to download and use, so this is one cooking app to be thankful for." Today f this is your first time cooking a Thanksgiving dinner then this app is going to be a great one for you. The app comes handy with 75 recipes, fully customized with shopping lists and a schedule planner to make sure that all your holiday preparations are on track." recommend the Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking. Tap your way to a customized holiday menu from more than 75 alltime favorite Thanksgiving recipes, plus get a customized shopping list and schedule." Creative "This app is very handy for scheduling your Thanksgiving meal, letting you select your recipes and create a shopping list before the big day and then cook each one to perfection while avoiding common mishaps and pairing each dish with the perfect wine. (Not to mention having a library of suggestions on what to do with all those leftovers!)" "With a really incredible design, this app contains a range of recipes for all Thanksgiving courses from the website. In addition you can add a recipe to your menu and see the grocery list automatically populated and organized for you. 4 Stars for fantastic design and delectable looking recipes" Our Menu Maker is super simple to use. Recipes are divided among courses Starters, Main Dishes, Sides, and Dessert. Recipe selection screens allow you to quickly see what’s available within each course. There are turkeys (perhaps obviously) and a dozen delicious ways to cook themiconic whole roasted birds slathered with herbbutter, pancettawrapped turkey breast for a smaller crowd, and even a smoked turkey on the grill. There are also hearty vegetarian entrees featuring fall flavors to insure that everyone feels welcome at the table. You will also find lots of sensational side dishes, including fragrant stuffings (or dressings, if you prefer), colorful cranberry sauces, and potatoes of all kinds mashed, smashed, baked, and more. Plus green beans, turnips, and what may be the best Brussels sprouts ever. And because it’s not Thanksgiving without pie, we’ve got ‘em all apple, pecan, and pumpkin, plus tarts, cakes, and crisps, too. (Because all of the recipes are contained within the app, you can access the recipes without internet access, a bonus for anyone planning to get away from it all this holiday.) Once you have created your menu, tap on the Shopping List for a handy list of every ingredient you’ll need. Shop with your iPad in the cart and check off items on the screen as you go. Or email the list to yourself and print it to make your notes or additions on paper. When you are ready to start cooking, simply tap Schedule to see a list of what needs to be done for your Thanksgiving dinner. Check this page well before the big day to see what you can do ahead of timea huge help for planning the meal. In addition to all of the delicious recipes, the shopping list, and the schedule, you will also get on with all the tips, techniques, and advice you need to make this holiday meal the best ever. HowTo Videos on everything from brining a turkey to perfecting pie crust 21 Turkey Tips from which pan to use for roasting turkey to what temperature to cook the bird to, we have you covered What to Drink perfect wine pairings made easy plus seasonal cocktails Thanksgiving 911 the top 10 holidayfood disasters and how to fix them buttery dinner rolls, hundreds more recipes, and what to do with all those leftovers!



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