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The perfect study aid for anyone who will be taking their Canadian Citizenship Test. Also handy to brush up on your Canadian history for students, and anyone wanting to know more about Canada. To create Test Me On Canada, we scoured through the Official 2011 Canadian Government Study Aid for Citizenship and created over 100 questions. This test is based on the Government of Canada Citizenship Test it has 20 questions just as the real test does. you need to get 15 or more correct to pass, just as you do in the real test. it is multiple choice, as is the actual test. it uses questions taken from the Official 2011 Canadian Government Study Aid book. Our test creates a different scenario every time you take it by taking 20 questions randomly chosen each time from a pool of over 100. Unlike other tests available on the App Store, Test Me On Canada shows you the correct answer immediately if you choose correctly, you get a point and the answer is highlighted in blue. f you choose a wrong answer, you see a "wrong" symbol, and the correct answer is highlighted in blue before you continue. Test Me On Canada offers several options for bettering your scores too At the end of the quiz, you can add your score to the scoreboard. Test yourself against the clock. Test yourself against your previous scores. Test yourself against others. The questions cover many subjects including Canadian History Canadian inventions / inventors Canada at war Canadian government Canadian Provinces and Territories Canadian Sports Canadian Geography Canadian economics and more. Benefits Study anywhere Study any time No need to carry around books Friendly, professional design Easy to follow Great learning tool Quiz's are a tremendous way to learn Extras nformation, hints and tips on studying. copy of the Study Guide. ntroduction to explain the quiz and the app. Options to share the app via email, Twitter or Facebook. Oh, and if you pass, you get to hear and see something special ;) Test Me On Canada was created by me just after took my own Citizenship Test the questions are similar to those asked when took my test. found none of the currently available test aids to be very useful, so decided to create my own. believe this is the best study aid available ( passed, by the way using some of the tips and hints also found in this app).

Website: http://b143apps.com/canada


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