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Tennis Trakker Pro is a professional statistics gathering tool designed to improve tennis player performance at college, tournaments and professional level. Over time, statistics for each player will reveal their strengths and weaknesses, and give insight into their game when used in conjunction with Tennis Trakker Pro is the ideal tool for coaches, parents and tennis fans to track players’ performance. Tennis Trakker Pro’s easytouse interface keeps track of the outcome of each point of a tennis match with a few simple taps on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Tennis Trakker Pro lets you record and enjoy the point being playedwhether you are watching the pros or coaching kids. Use it to follow any tennis match and get instant statistics at your fingertips. Tennis Trakker Pro provides a full statistical overview that, with a single tap, you can consult at any point in the match. Upload your player's matches to http// to view and analyze all your player's matches together in graphical format. It's also a great way to backup your players' matches. An optional subscription to upload your matches is available after your 3 month free tryout. And now with ScoreTrakker, others can follow live scoring of your player's matches from home or elsewhere with a computer, iPhone or iPad track and upload your matches using your iPhone and ScoreTrakker allows you to share the match statistics and score, in real time. ScoreTrakker is the only live tennis tracking mechanism that works with the iPad and iPhone! "Monitoring match stats just got easier with Tennis Trakker Pro, an application created by Portapple for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Tap in the outcome of a point, and Tennis Trakker records it. At any time during the match, a stats report is available. This nifty tool can be used by players, coaches or fans watching the pros on (Tennis Magazine, May 2009 issue) This is a musthave tool for coaches, parents and fans alike! Tennis Trakker Pro the coaching companion you can carry in your pocket. For a complete tutorial on how to use the product, please go to http// Dartmouth College tennis players are using Tennis Trakker Pro to analyze their matches! Go Green! Saint Francis University is using Tennis Trakker Pro to track their players' matches! Go Red Flash! San Diego players are also using Tennis Trakker Pro! Go Tritons! Pro Tour Coach Mark Gellard is using Tennis Trakker Pro to track Melinda Czink's performance! Mark has worked with protour players such as Martina Hingis, Venus Williams, Bethanie MattekSands. To 'Venom400' "First, we'd like to thank you for using Tennis Trakker Pro and for spending the time to write a review. We're happy to say that the previous ratings are not by our programmer as you suggested but by legitimate users such as yourself. All the detailed stats come from your charting of the match. This is how to record 'Service winners' and 'Service return winners' To record a serve that forces an error tap on '1st Serve In' or '2nd Serve In' tap on the 'Winner' icon of the server tap on 'Service winner' on the top right hand corner of the screen choose if the service winner was 'Wide', at the 'Body', or down the To record a service return winner tap on '1st Serve In' or '2nd Serve In' tap on the 'Winner' icon of the receiver tap on 'Return winner' on the top right hand corner of the screen choose if the service return was from a 'Forehand' or a 'Backhand' Our email is as shown in the 'About' tab. Please let us know if you have any other questions." Tennis Trakker Pro is one in a series of sophisticated statisticsgathering apps from Portapple LLCincluding Tennis Trakker Score, Tennis Trakker Lite, and Pitcher Trakker.



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