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Learn how to make sushi! This app features easy to follow videos on how to make sushi from beginner to advanced. put this one in the top 10% of howto cooking apps 've ever bought. You will not be disappointed. wish more cooking apps taught their subjects this clearly. Best $4.99 have ever risked on an app about cooking. Two thumbs way up." ppolicious.com 5/5 "Totally worth it" iPhone Footprint "You wouldn’t normally associate making sushi with simple, but Teach Me Sushi is the exception.... Teach Me Sushi is a great addition to your pple device it’s useful and it’s a good investment." ppsafari.com 5/5 "Teach Me Sushi is a great way to learn how to make sushi in very little time" 148pps 4.5/5 "The pp instills confidence by being casual and showing the simple steps it takes to make something that seems really difficult or complicated to make, really easy!" ppshouter Check out a video review from The Daily pp Show here www.dailyappshow.com/teachmesushi n this app we’ll show you how to make rice, select your fish and what equipment and ingredients you need to have handy before you begin. nd once you’re good to go we’ve got videos showing you how to make basic Maki sushi rolls all the way through to some of the more fancy “special” rolls you find on most sushi menus. The lessons are no longer than 5 minutes and come with a step by step visual guide for each roll. 13 action packed videos (over 45 minutes) that cover the basics of making sushi all the way through to advanced rolls Visual step by step guides on how to make the different sushi rolls built in timer to make sure your rice comes out perfect every time shopping list of what ingredients to get and what equipment you will need to have map based on your gps position of the nearest Japanese Supermarkets in order for you to buy your ingredients from wesome pp Does What t Says by Burnham on Jul 11, 2010 This is the first app 've ever felt compelled to write a review for, because it actually does everything it advertises and provides amazing attention to detail not only with the instructions and information itself but also with the design and stability of the app. The accompanying videos are laced with enthusiasm and the presenter, Jake, really excites you with the notion of making sushi. Can't wait to make sushi by jforget1 on Jul 10, 2010 Love this app. Definitely makes me confident that can get solid results when try my first round of sushi soon. Excellent! by NeoJedi on Jul 10, 2010 Great application, full of videos and explanations. The support is also really good, sent an email to them and got the reply right away, they also have Twitter and Facebook accounts where you can contact them. Once you have made your first few rolls why don’t you upload them on our Teach Me Sushi Facebook fan page and share your creations? (http//www.facebook.com/pages/TeachMeSushi/105541556158168) We’re also around on this group to answer any questions and respond to feedback at any given time

Website: http://teach-me-sushi.com/apps/


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