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The Targeting Maths app is an amazing new way to learn mathematics. Within this app, students can access a huge range of activities that make learning maths facts fun, motivating and full of rewards. This app includes Training 81 question sets that cover the 9 big topics of Year 3 Maths. Includes scratch board for working out problems and Dictionary of terms. Multiplayer up to 4 students can play against each other in this game of speed and fun Timed Increase your speed in essential addition, subtraction, multiplication and division maths facts Badges Earn more than 220 badges Games Earn token to spend on Exploding Mice and RoboJuggle games in the Circus Each child can have their own account. Progress is tracked for every account. The Targeting Maths apps are created by the same team that created the very popular Reading Eggs website. In creating the Targeting Maths apps, we have bought together all we know about how children learn maths with the powerful interactivity and motivation provided by the iPad. We think it’s an irresistible combination of engagement and learning which will switch on all students, even those who don’t think ‘they’re good at maths.’


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