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Hanging pictures or building something, and need to do math with measurements? What's 46 11/16" added to 37 1/2", and where do you mark it on a tape measure? Or try calculating 62 7/8" ÷ 3 in your head... Tapeulator you'll pull out a calculator, convert your fractionbased measurements to decimal, get a decimal answer, convert it back to a fraction, then find where it falls on a measuring tape. That multistep process wastes time and is error prone!! Tapeulator enter your measurements or calculations, and in one step, your answer's right on a visual, virtual measuring tape!! No more guesswork!! Quick visual representation of your answer in both inches and centimeters, right on a visual tape measure!! No need to guess where to place your mark!! Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide multiple measurements or even just view a single measurement Supports inches, feet, and centimeters...mix and match as many as you want, all within the same calculation! Use decimals and fractions too! Results are given back to you in inches, feet, and centimeters, in both decimal and fractions...no more conversion after the fact! Rotate your device sideways for a larger view that is to scale Tapeulator keeps a tally of your most recent measurement calculations Working in a dark basement? Tapeulator has a flashlight button so you can measure in any light conditions! n a pinch without your tape measure? Tapeulator now comes with a measuring feature that will help you get a measurement in a bind Great for wood work or metal work calculations! Tapeulator is perfect for do it yourselfers and the pros. Don't take our word for it, check out some recent reviews from others Excellent 've needed an app like this forever. know that there are others out there that do this but not as cleanly and to the point. App Store Review, "Tapeulator Awesome! You don't realize how much time you can save and how much frustation you can avoid by using this app." App Store Review, "Loved the lite version. think you have a winning application. The Contractor version is what had hoped it would be, and for me its worth the price." App Store Review, "Excellent app!!!!! Makes us average guys a real pro!!! Eliminates tape measure guess work... recommend it for everyone!!!" App Store Review, "Great app!! Well thought out. Great execution." App Store Review, Note Continued use of the flash may dramatically decrease battery life. Note x2 Screens are not yet optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus update coming real soon...


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Screenshot Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator on iPhone Screenshot Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator on iPhone Screenshot Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator on iPhone Screenshot Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator on iPhone Screenshot Tapeulator: Tape Measure Calculator on iPhone